What are the benefits of a steam washing machine?

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What are the benefits of a steam washing machine?

What are the benefits of a steam washing machine?

Steam washing enables a very quick refresh wash to clean a small number of items of clothing very fast. 20 minutes is incredibly quick for a wash and will enable you to freshen up clothes that perhaps smell of yesterdays curry or cigarette smoke.

The LG Steam washer has a huge washing drum which can take a massive 9kg load at once.

This means you can do bigger washes without compromising cleaning ability, reducing the number of washing loads you need to do every week.

It also means you can wash bigger items that you can in a normal sized washing machine, saving you time and money on trips to the laundrette to wash quilts or large curtains.

The LG Steam washer also has a special extra rinse option which helps get clothes ultra clean and removes any traces of washing powder that might remain. This is essential for baby clothes as baby skin is very sensitive.
The LG Washer also removes increased amounts of allergens from your clothes.
You also get cleaner clothes whilst the machine uses less water. This cuts your water bill if you're on a water meter as well as helping be environmentally aware.
The washer also uses less energy which makes it more economical to use, reducing your energy bills and being better for the planet.
It's got a self-clean program too, which helps reduce the risk of limescale build up and will help prolonge machine life.

How big is it?

how big is the steam washer?

LG Steam Washing Machine - LG F1402FDS6 The DD motor has a ten year warranty!


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