Polti Lecoaspira - an amazing steam vacuum cleaner

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Steam Vacumm Cleaner

Ideal World sell the Polti Lecoaspira with Iron Attachment

Polti Lecoaspira steam vacuum cleanerPolti Lecoaspira is an amazing machine! I've watched it clean windows, clean ovens and hobs, clean floors, baby chairs and it'll clean every hard surface you can think of.

The vacuum is amazing! You can use it to steam your UVPC windows and then turn on the vac and it'll suck the water off leaving them spotless and dry! It's incredible! It'll clean grease and dirt off and has a special filtration system that uses a water tank that you can see to help ensure it doesn't release dirt back like other vacs do.

It's also got a steam iron attachment which offers you an impressive amount of steam which helps make the ironing quicker.

Polti Lecoaspira £449.99 at Ideal World

* Steam release control with 5 positions, up to 90gr/min
* Washable HEPA filter vacuums wet and dry dirt
* 21kPa suction power with exclusive EcoActive water filter
* 14 day money-back guarantee

Polti Lecoaspira features:

* Power 2300w
* 4 bar pressure
* 1.3lt boiler capacity
* Steam release control with 5 positions to 90gr/min
* 21kPa suction power with exclusive EcoActive water filter
* Washable HEPA filter vacuums wet and dry dirt
* Stainless steel 18/10 boiler
* Pressure operating switch
* 4-stage filter system
* Safety cap - exclusive Polti patent
* Removable water tank that's easy to clean
* Tank capacity 1.2lt and 1.8lt reserve
* Handle controls for steam releasing
* Parking system to store the tubes on the appliance
* Cable winder compartment
* Four wheels for easy transport and great stability
* Dimensions 32x33x49 cm

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